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Insights - An Employee Engagement Show

Aug 1, 2019

This week on #Insights, we’re tackling the buzzword “employee wellness.” You know, things like ping pong tables, relaxed dress codes, kombucha on tap! Wait, are those things actually wellness related?

According to Liesel Mertes (@lieselmertes), Founder of Handle with Care HR Solutions, wellness is about what an employee experiences during disruptive life events. It seems simple, but why are organizations unprepared to support their employees in times of crisis? How can we learn to navigate those situations in a way that truly sees our employees as human.

Listen in as Emplify CEO and Co-Founder Santiago Jaramillo (@santiagojara), shares how the most disengaged employees in an organization are often the ones we listen to the least and what we can do to elevate their voice and re-imagine what employee wellness really means.