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Insights - An Employee Engagement Show

Jul 18, 2019

How can we help our employees find purpose and meaning in their work, and engage them as people?

This week on #Insights, Santiago Jaramillo (@santiagojara) walks us through how you can define meaning - driven from the top-down - at your organization. The reality is, people find meaning in different ways. For some, it’s working together as a team, for others it could be solving problems or delivering amazing customer service. 

Listen in as Santiago discusses the five sources of meaning and how you can bring in the right type of people who value it. 

You’ll also hear about employee engagement from Craig Anderson, owner of Craig P. Anderson and Associates, and Jennifer Hodnett, VP of Human Resources at Nolan Transportation Company.

The bottom line is, engagement starts with leaders. If the CEO isn’t part of these efforts and initiatives, it simply won’t work. 

Imagine saving your company $100,000 just by reducing turnover. Craig tells us his story when it comes to ROI and investing in engagement, and Jennifer discusses how working closely together with her C-suite through the business lens can create win-win outcomes.

Meaning can help YOUR team members. Find out how on this weeks #Insights, a series by Emplify