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Insights - An Employee Engagement Show

Jul 18, 2019

This week on #Insights, we’re diving into employee engagement - how it’s evolved [especially in the past couple of years] and how this evolution has impacted the relationship between human resources leaders and the C-Suite. 

Listen in as Emplify CEO and Co-founder Santiago Jaramillo (@santiagojara) takes us on a journey into the past - because before we can talk about where things are today, we need to understand where we’ve been. 

Data from workplace review sites such as GlassDoor now tell us that the first six reasons people leave [or stay] at companies have nothing to do with compensation and benefits. Surprising, right? Or is it?

You’ll hear Santiago discuss company purpose - and how you can create systems and cultures to engage the full heart and mind of a person. Yes, it’s important to hit company goals and objectives, but it’s equally as important to provide employees new and increased opportunities to grow. 

Also featured is Eric Christopher, CEO, and Founder, and Julie Barker, VP of Talent at SaaS company Zylo, who early on aligned together to establish a culture with values in mind. You’ll also hear the duo’s advice on how to foster trust between HR leaders and CEOs. 

How can a CEO create organizations that are sustainable, profitable endeavors while also delivering meaning and fulfillment to the people who are giving so much time and energy?

Find out on this week’s #Insights, a series by Emplify.